Monday 22nd July 2024
Monday 22nd July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalTeachers’ Federation gather in Kathmandu to protest against Federal Education Bill

Teachers’ Federation gather in Kathmandu to protest against Federal Education Bill

KATHMANDU – Nepal Teachers’ Federation launched the Kathmandu-based protest from today, expressing its dissatisfactions over some provisions in the Federal Education Bill registered in the Federal Parliament.

The Federation refuting to attend a meeting summoned by Minister for Education, Science and Technology for Tuesday, has launched the protest at the local Maitighar Mandala. It says the concerns of school teachers regarding the Bill could not be addressed by the Minister.

Until last year, there were 157,354 teachers who include permanent, temporary and appointed on relief quota in 27,343 community schools across the country. The number of students is 538,200.

Teachers and school staff from various districts in the country gathered in the federal capital participated in the protest. The Bill proposes the local units to have authority to transfer and evaluate teachers and the Federation wants this authority to remain within the federal government.

The Federations has been advocating for permanency of teachers appointed on the temporary basis, creation of sufficient quota for school employees, addressing the issues of child class teachers remaining outside the school structure, regular opportunities for promotion, right evaluation of performance, transfer opportunities of teachers and so on.

Federation general secretary Laxmi Koshore Subedi has said the Federation has urged teachers and employees across the country to arrive Kathmandu to take part in the protest. He complained that the Bill failed to address agreements reached between the government and the Federation on February 21, 2019 and February 21, 2022.

The Bill aimed to revise the education acts and integrate them was registered in the House of Representatives on this September 13.

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