Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalLandslides displace 81 families in Taplejung

Landslides displace 81 families in Taplejung

TAPLEJUNG – The monsoon rains in Taplejung have led to a dire situation, displacing 342 people from 81 households due to landslides.

Five lives have been lost in a week, according to Chief District Officer Rabindra Prasad Acharya. Acharya stated that eight houses are completely destroyed, with 18 more facing imminent danger.

Additionally, 55 houses across the district are deemed at risk. “The floods have claimed the lives of 84 livestock and caused significant damage, including the loss of four vehicles and four bridges, including two vital motorized wooden bridges,” Acharya stated.

Amid the chaos, 70 displaced families have sought refuge with relatives and neighbors, while another 11 families have found shelter in a nearby school.

The hardest-hit areas include Sirijungha, Sidingwa, Mikwakhola, and Paktanglung Rural Municipality.

Tragically, a landslide in Paktanglung-2 claimed the lives of four family members, while another fatality occurred in Sirijungha. In addition to human casualties and displacement, landslides have ravaged roads and disrupted electricity projects across rural areas.

Efforts are underway at the local level to clear blocked roads, particularly in Sirijungha and Paktanglung Rural Municipality.

Locals have highlighted the devastating impact on cash crops, particularly cardamom, compounded by daily rainfall intensifying panic among rural residents.

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