Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठOpinionNepal’s CPN UML advocates socialism as path to global peace

Nepal’s CPN UML advocates socialism as path to global peace

Kathmandu – The Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist)- (CPN-UML), argues that the political force committed to socialism can establish sustainable peace by ending all forms of wars, adding that the Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Plaestine war are byproducts of Capitalism.

CPN UML’s central committee member Bishnu Rijal, addressed ‘The Governing Experience of Marxist Political Parties’ in Nanning, China, organized by School of Marxism, Guangxi University. He urged to make efforts to give challenge to capitalism for the establishment of peace around the world.

“Capitalism is showing its extended cruel shape with the surge of financial capitalism. There are growing incidents of terrorism, armed strike and conflicts, airstrike, encroachment, cruelty and inhumanity.

Recent incidents of IsraelPalestine, Russia-Ukraine war indicate the situation. Those incidents, byproduct of capitalism, have compelled us to rethink from new perspective to tackle the world politics,” said Rijal. The UML leader says profits generated based on exploitation are the fundamental characteristics of capitalism.

“The extended form of capitalism, which is also called as financial capitalism, has taken world as market and humans are taken as commodity only. Capitalism has not only affected the human being but also has destroyed nature and environment.” Rijal also highlighted Nepal’s execution, development and defense of socialism under their party chief KP Sharma Oli, who has also served as Prime Minister of Nepal.

“We have become able to introduce people-centric programs and policies in the area of education, health and employment. We had done solid and visionary works to transform the idea of socialism as ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali’ under the leadership of our party President K. P. Sharma Oli,” Rijal added. In addition to being a real example of how government may be used to fulfill people’s dreams of a better life, Rijal said KP Sharma Oli’s vision was crucial in paving the way for socialism.

The program implemented by President Oli-led government under the theme of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali’; is also a part of ‘People’s Multiparty Democracy’; propounded by late Madan Bhandari, the then General Secretary of the party.

Stressing on People’s Multi-Party Democracy, as the guiding principle of the CPN (UML), Rijal said the party is in the correct direction to implement Marxism and Socialism in a creative form as per the need of the time and context of Nepal. “We became able to insert the provision of ‘socialism-oriented state’; in the constitution which was drafted and promulgated by the Constituent Assembly in 2015. Policies of our state are prepared and implemented accordingly. Our dreams are yet to be fulfilled” party leader Rijal said.

RIjal stated, “We are the first in the world to have an elected communist party administration. We exercised it by drawing conclusions from the fall of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and a few other Eastern European nations. We are pleased to witness the ongoing development and wealth of communist nations such as China and Vietnam.”

While, he emphasised on capitalist powers promoting fears about nuclear warfare, weapons competition, and territorial encroachment, RIjal also noted that socialism forces are failing to reach their goal. He urged all communist forces around the world to rethink and conduct a selfassessment regarding “this challenging situation”.

CPN UML Rijal used the collapse of the Soviet Union’s communist regime in 1991 to illustrate the necessity of revolution and transformation movements, even while the communist party controlled the army, the entire state apparatus, and millions of its citizens.

“Socialism is not the system to perform all works by the state. All citizens of socialist countries are not pension holders too. Our aim is to empower people and empowered people can protect the society and exercise the socialist concepts,” said the Nepali leader in China.

“We, socialist force, should assure the people around the world that this is only the force which can establish peace permanently. This is the true understanding and assessment of the world politics and political economy,” Rijal declared. The leader of Nepal appealed to the communist parties to strengthen the socialist cause by evaluating the shifting geopolitics and the widespread capitalism exploitation.

Bishnu Rijal is a Central Committee Member of the CPN (UML) party.

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