Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsBill related to Federal Civil Service to be endorsed by parliament at the earliest: PM Dahal

Bill related to Federal Civil Service to be endorsed by parliament at the earliest: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU –  Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ expressed his confidence that the Federal Civil Service Bill will be passed by the parliament as early as possible.

Addressing a programme organized on the occasion of the 20th Civil Service Day here today, PM Dahal shared that the Council of Ministers on last Thursday decided to send the very bill to the parliament and believed that the Bill would be endorsed by the parliament through the consensus of the political parties.

Dahal assured that the incumbent government was committed to making the civil administration competitive at national and international level by motivating the entire administration system of the country as well as by making it highly morale, fair, transparent, result-oriented, accountable, clean, competent and technology-friendly.

“The role of civil employees is important in big political changes in the country. The contribution made by the civil administration in difficult circumstances of the country is important. From running State affairs to continuing developmental works and delivering public services to transitional management, the civil administration has played an important role,” acknowledged the PM, lauding all the civil employees for this.

Stating that the major task of the incumbent government was to institutionalize political changes and lead the country to the agenda of social justice, good-governance and prosperity, he asserted that incumbent government also had the responsibility and challenges to give the benefit of change in the governance system to the people who struggled for political changes.

He further viewed, “If only this happens, the democracy would be strengthened and public’s trust and confidence towards the State would increase. The civil administration should deliver under the political guidance to achieve long-term goals of social justice, good-governance and prosperity.”

The Head of the Government asserted that it was everyone’s responsibility to work focusing on the Common Minimum Programme, policies and programmes of the government as well as the budget of the current fiscal year.

Furthermore, he said that the government, embracing the main essence and sentiments of the constitution, was moving ahead with its focus on the effective implementation of the federalism, governance structure and working style, public service delivery and zero tolerance for corruption.

PM Dahal believed that the civil servants would work actively and with determination by word, heart and deed in the campaign of transforming the nation’s face infusing new energy in the civil service while tearing apart the sense of despondency among the people.

According to him, the civil administration needed a qualitative change in line with the present political changes and the constitutional provisions while also internalizing the role of the Civil Service Act issued on September 6, 1956, for the transformation of the civil service in tune with the political change.

“For this, policy-level, legal, institutional, structural and practical provisions have to be made for developing a service-oriented, responsible and professional civil service that is fully committed to the federal democratic republic, politically neutral and professionally efficient and highly motivated,” the Prime Minister elaborated.

He insisted that the long-awaited Federal Civil Service Act would prove to be a milestone in institutionalization of the administrative federalism, in consolidating the federal democratic republic and its implementation while strengthening the functional interrelation of the administration among the three tiers of government and maintaining the administrative interrelationship amongst the federal, provincial and local level governments.

The Prime Minister reiterated that dutiful and capable employees with integrity who are dedicated to the service and interests of the nation and people and work hard in their work area would be further motivated by pursuing the system of reward and punishment in a concrete manner in future.

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