Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
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Lawmakers call for assistance to disaster-affected

KATHMANDU – The House of Representatives (HoR) members want the government to reach out to the disaster-affected community promptly with the relief assistance.

Airing their views in a meeting of the lower house today, they demanded the government ensure timely medical care to those injured in the monsoon-triggered disasters and address the needs of the affected.
Thakur Prasad Gaire urged the government to promptly make arrangements for proper compensation to those killed and injured in the disasters.

Laxmi Tiwari stressed that the government should increase its efficiency in mitigating and managing disaster risks. Bidhya Bhattarai urged the government to pay heed to prevent avoidable deaths from the monsoon. She drew the government’s attention to the death of a child in Lamachaur of Pokhara due to a poor sewage management system.

“Pokhara faces a constant risk of landslide. People’s movement there has been obstructed while various areas have witnessed caves-in, 17 settlements in the town are at risk of inundation. The government must act seriously to rescue and relieve the affected.”

Achyut Prasad Mainali expressed his concerns over the life threats for the people from natural disasters, demanding the government provide free treatment to the injured and timely compensation to the survivors.

Kiran Kumar Shah said the government’s robust preparations for dealing with potential incidents of landslides and floods are lacking. “The incidents of monsoon-caused disasters are on the rise and the government should be focused on response and preparation efforts.”

Basudev Ghimire advised the government to concentrate its efforts for disaster management and rehabilitation of the affected.

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