Sunday 19th May 2024
Sunday 19th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalNepal urges for diplomatic efforts to defuse tension in Ukraine

Nepal urges for diplomatic efforts to defuse tension in Ukraine

KATHMANDU – Nepal has urged all parties concerned to make diplomatic efforts to defuse the tension ongoing in Ukraine for nearly a week.Nepal has appealed to address the tension emanating following Russia’s attack on Ukraine through peaceful talks.

Addressing the emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the USA on Tuesday, Amrit Rai, Nepal’s permanent representatives to the United Nations and other international organizations, said that violent attacks would only spur more violence and asserted that diplomatic initiatives and peaceful dialogues were only the way forward to peace.

Welcoming the peace talks initiated between the stakeholders since Tuesday, Rai pleaded for the continuation of the dialogue process and to sit for dialogue through diplomatic channels. Furthermore, he urged the concerned parties to be serious and committed towards maintain peace.

During his address, Rai expressed Nepal’s serious concerns about the humanitarian crisis and suffering in Ukraine and called for utmost flexibility for taking effective steps to deal with the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Furthermore, Nepal permanent representative to UN said, “We oppose threat or use of force against the territorial integrity and political independence of any sovereign country. Return to the path of peace is never late. We urge Russia and Ukraine to resume dialogue to give peace a chance.”

He added, “We urged the parties involved in the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine to protect the civilians in accordance with the international humanitarian laws and we strongly urge all parties concerned to realize their obligation regarding the humanitarian laws.

In addition to that, Rai stated that safety and security of the Nepalis in Ukraine was a cause for serious concern for Nepal and thereby requested all the concerned ones to coordinate efforts to help them in their evacuation process. Clarifying Nepal’s principled position that the UN member states should fully respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of any country as per the UN Charter, Rai added, “We are always against breaching political independence of any country under any pretext and by the use of force.”

He reminded that international tensions had been resolved only through diplomacy and dialogues and said that Nepal always reiterated that there should never be any delay to pave the path for peace.

Scores of civilians, women and children have died in the military attacks by Russia in Ukraine since last Friday. The United Nations member states met since last Monday in an emergency special session to discuss the crisis and seek its resolution. The United Nations is making a special decision regarding Russia and Ukraine issue for which voting is due on Wednesday.

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