Wednesday 19th June 2024
Wednesday 19th June 2024
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President expresses concern over ’emptying’ villages for lack of employment opportunities

TANAHU –  President Ramchandra Paudel has expressed his concern over what he called the villages turning empty due to outmigration in lack of dignified employment and income opportunities, despite development and facilities reaching there.

Addressing the centenary celebration of Purkot Secondary School at Basantapur, Bhanu municipality-7 here today, he lamented that Nepali’s craving for foreign countries has led to such a situation in the villages wherein there would not be people to consume the development and facilities that have reached there.

“We are striving to extend asphalted roads to all these villages in two to four years from now. I say this – that will also be fulfilled, but the problem is the same. Will there be any people in the villages to enjoy these facilities,” he said, adding, “We are intoxicated by our love for foreign shores in search of green pasture over there when we have that available in our own country. After all, why did it happen? I ask this question to myself and the answer also is within me. Everything has reached the villages, but not the decent employment and situation of making a living.”

According to the President, the main problem the country is facing now is brain drain and outmigration of workforce. “Both those studying and teaching here now deserve my appreciation. Many of them went to the city after getting quality education here. They stayed there. This very trend is the problem in the villages. Now the problem the country is facing, brain drain and outmigration of labour force, this is a complex problem,” he explained.

The Head of the State recalled that when contesting the election for the first time in 1991, standing on the Barbhanjyang hill he had said to himself that he would bring modern facilities and amenities to the village itself and create a condition in which everyone would love to stay in the village.

As he said, he actually reached there with a plan of constructing a motorable road, a health post and with the outline of the seventh electrification project under the rural self-reliance. President Paudel said that roads, electricity, drinking water, education, health and communication facilities have now reached all the villages.

Although all development and facilities have reached the villages, the trend of villages becoming ’empty’ has not stopped, he complained. Expressing that there should be immense development of agriculture revolution, tourism expansion and energy sector, he said the main basis of prosperity and good governance was first the necessity for the same.

President Paudel, who arrived in his hometown for the second time after his election to the post of President, clarified that he has the same stance on this issue, saying the view that it was necessary to develop the culture of respecting labour and the education should be focused on this issue.

One can get employment in villages by developing tourism infrastructures and make income from it after utilizing our culture and nature, added the President, stating, “Let’s produce thousands of megawatts of electricity from our rivers and streams, and sell it in the neighbouring countries. We will get rich from it.”

Sharing that education is the foundation of knowledge, awareness and overall development of the country, he mentioned that moral education raising ideals of life and promoting national unity was the need of hour.

“The nation cannot be prosperous from citizens without skill and manner. I think we all should pay attention to make the citizens skilled and well-mannered by increasing educational quality of community schools,” stressed the President.

President Paudel underscored the need of imparting education in accordance with national need and international quality by formulating education policy, curriculum as demanded by current world environment.

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