Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalGrowing cold aggravates health condition of quake survivors

Growing cold aggravates health condition of quake survivors

KARNALI – The survivors of Jajarkot earthquake have begun experiencing health problems in the wake of growing cold for some days.

The people bound to continue survival under the tarpaulin sheet have got little cloths to warm them in the cold. Only a blanket does not suffice to a household, as the biting cold is causing more hardship, especially for the elderly and children.

On Thursday and Friday alone, two persons lost lives. The victims were Pampha Rawal, 48, and Gopal Bahadur Rawal, 84, from Nalgad Municipality-4 of Jajarkot district. Ward Chair Badri Pant informed that Gapal Bahadur died of asthma, while Pampha died of pneumonia.

Pampha died at Dalli municipal hospital while undergoing treatment. Panta further informed that the earthquake survivors are compelled to spend night being deprived of warm clothes. They are braving mist and chill under the tarpaulin sheet. It has resulted into aggravation of health condition among children, senior ones and those living with incurable disease.

According to him, there are 30 lactating women and 30 senior citizens suffering from incurable disease as arthritis, asthma and heart problems at ward no 4 where there are total 374 households. It has been tough to manage lactating women and people living with diseases in particular.

The children are also witnessing worsening health condition. Doctor at Dalli municipal hospital, Bishal Uprety, informed that the number of patients suffering from fever, cold, diarrhea, heart disease and asthma was increasing in recent days. As high as 150 people are visiting with ailments nowadays, he added.

It is also reported that the quake survivors are forced to take impure water because some 50 water supply projects were damaged by the tremor in various villages, including Bagmare, Kalleri, Tiptipe, Aoul, Chatulaina and Kothigaon. Similarly, open defecation has been another problem to worsen sanitation.

Senior physician Dr Shyam BK from Nepalgunj Medical College informed that he recently returned from quake-hit area by providing treatment to some 400 patients for four days. He also informed that children and senior citizens were suffering from symptoms of pneumonia and asthma. Some the long-term patients were deprived of medicine due to damages in the houses with the tremor.

Mayor of Nalgad municipality, Dambar Bahadur Rawat, however, informed that they were continuing distribution of relief materials. “It is difficult to manage all things at once, but each household has been provided a tarpaulin and a blanket for now,” he shared.

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