Tuesday 5th March 2024
Tuesday 5th March 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalThe Hubei Art Special Exhibition of “Jingchu Culture South Asia Tour” Successfully Held

The Hubei Art Special Exhibition of “Jingchu Culture South Asia Tour” Successfully Held

KATHMANDU – On November 21st, the “Nepal First South Asian Book Fair” hosted by the China Foreign Language Publishing and Distribution Bureau opened at the Kathmandu Exhibition and Trade Center in the capital of Nepal.

The book exhibition is organized by China International Book Trading Group Co., Ltd. and Nepal Contemporary Publishing House. Hubei Changjiang Chongwen International Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Chongwen International”) was invited to participate in the book exhibition with the “Jingchu Culture South Asia Tour project.

The “Jingchu Culture South Asia Tour” project is a special funding project for the promotion and cultural development of Hubei Province. From 2018 to 2023, although there was an epidemic barrier, the project still organized multiple cultural exchange activities between China and Nepal in the form of online and offline linkage, closely connecting the hearts of the Chinese and Nepalese people, and playing a positive role in promoting traditional Hubei culture and telling Hubei stories well.

The theme of this “Jingchu Culture South Asia Tour” project is “Hubei Art Special Exhibition”, inviting six Hubei artists with representative skills of Jingchu to jointly exhibit intangible cultural heritage products, including “Han embroidery” and “Han pottery”, for the Nepalese people on site, and showcasing the charm of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting through the on-site brush session of Chinese painting masters.

The event was first addressed by Wang Ying, Deputy General Manager of Chongwen International, Xu Kaiqiang, Dean of the School of Arts of Hubei University, and Song Zhilai, Secretary General of Hubei Arts and Crafts Association. They expressed their firm confidence in resolutely implementing the “going out” of culture and implementing the “the Belt and Road” initiative, and also expressed the beautiful vision of building a channel for China Nigeria folk culture exchange and promoting folk exchanges.

The theme song “One Belt Prosperity, One Road Poetry” jointly created by Wuhan Conservatory of Music was released at the event site and received unanimous praise from the audience on site.

At this event, the award-winning publication “Jingchu National Intangible Cultural Heritage Essence” series book from Hubei Jiutong Electronic Audiovisual Publishing House, a subsidiary of Hubei Changjiang Publishing Media Group, was also displayed, presenting 52 representative techniques of Hubei Province, reproducing Jingchu Youxiu traditional culture, and showcasing the achievements of Jingchu intangible cultural heritage protection.

The event also held a gift ceremony. Chongwen presented a self-developed cultural and creative gift “The Cup of King-Chu” to the local school ACME Academy in Nepal, which integrates Hubei’s historical and cultural traditions with traditional pottery firing techniques. Principal Banu Bakoda accepted the gift and expressed gratitude for it.

At the end of the event, a wonderful on-site painting activity was held, attracting a large number of viewers to stop and watch, and highly praised the works of all the masters.

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