Thursday 29th February 2024
Thursday 29th February 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalPADT urges devotees to observe Bala Chaturdashi festival systematically

PADT urges devotees to observe Bala Chaturdashi festival systematically

KATHMANDU – The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has urged devotees to observe the upcoming Bala Chaturdashi festival systematically.

Devotees have been urged to throw Satbeej (seven kinds of grains) only along the recommended areas. Bala Chaturdashi which is observed on the 13th day of the waning moon in the month of Mangsir is commencing in the night of December 10 this year.

Raj Kumar Khatri, the member secretary of PADT, said they have announced a 13-point set of guidelines for devotees expected to gather at the temple for the Bala Chaturdasi celebration starting from the night of December 10.

The PADT has prohibited the sowing of Satbeej in areas where stone blocks have been placed. Devotees are also urged to avoid causing any damage to areas where tree transplantations have been carried out and to ensure that if they are visiting the temple with children, latter have identity cards.

The PADT has decided to prohibit the lighting of lamps along the Kailash Chaur (ground area), but the sowing of Satbeej has been permitted. To facilitate the convenience of devotees spending the night at the temple during the festival, it has arranged tents free of cost, according to PADT director Dr. Ghanshyam Khatiwada. For those unable to visit the temple to light lamps in memory of departed souls, a payment of Rs 2,100 to PADT will allow the trust to make the arrangements.

In view of the Bala Chaturdashi festival, the production, transportation, sale, purchase, storage, and consumption of alcohol and meat are prohibited in the vicinity of the Pashupatinath Temple until December 13. Violation of this order will be punishable as per existing laws.

The Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and the PADT work forces have been mobilised to make the festival successful, it is said.

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