Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalAPF to mobilize a unit of its platoon on 24-hour border patrol

APF to mobilize a unit of its platoon on 24-hour border patrol

KATHMANDU – The Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal has implemented the Concept Paper on Mobilization for Border Foot Patrol, 2024.

The concept paper, implemented as part of the APF with the People of Border Areas Programme, aims at mobilization of APF personnel for patrolling round-the-clock at the border areas.

Accordingly, mobilization of a platoon of the APF Nepal has been started in the international border areas. APF central spokesperson SSP Rajendra Khadka said that with the preparation and implementation of the concept paper, a platoon of the APF under the command of Inspector would be deputed on 24-hour border patrol in every province.

According to SSP Khadka, the platoon has been mobilized with the objective of securing border marker pillars and the no-man’s land in the bordering districts, controlling cross-border crimes, monitoring and preventing the encroachment of border, checking revenue leakage taking place at the border region and making the control of illegal activities more effective.

The APF believes that this step will also support the coordination and collaboration with the APF’s counterpart agencies of neighbouring friendly countries. Likewise, it is believed to contribute to making the border security more effective through better border management and building of positive and close relations with the citizens of the bordering areas.

For conducting the 24-hour border foot patrolling, every brigade will mobilize in the no-man’s land area in the border region along with logistics by incorporating the human resources also of the battalion, company, the proposed border security company, BOPs and bases.

It is said that cross patrolling would be conducted and the 24-hour border patrol would be continued on a rotational basis with the border foot patrol linking up with another patrol team.

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