Monday 20th May 2024
Monday 20th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalEid being observed today across the country

Eid being observed today across the country

KATHMANDU – Muslims across the country are celebrating Edi-ul-Fitr with zest and zeal today.

The great festival of the Islamic community is being observed with great gaiety and gusto by reciting special Namaz, offering prayers in mosque, receiving blessings from the elders and giving blessings to juniors.

The festival marks the conclusion of a month-long fasting of the Muslims during the month of Ramadan, falls on the first day of the tenth month according to the Arabic calendar.

The festival is celebrated on the next day after the completion of the 30-day fast. Muslim Commission, Chairperson Samim Mian Ansari shared that it was decided to celebrate Eid today as the moon was not sighted on Wednesday.

According to the Muslim religion, there are five pillars namely ‘Roza’, ‘Zakat’, ‘Hajj’, ‘Namaz’ and ‘Kalama’. Ramadan is considered a holy month. “Zakat (donation) is given in this month,” he said, adding, “We consider this month to be the month of earning virtue” This festival is celebrated on Eid-ul-Fitr by eating ‘Sevai’ and offering Namaz collectively.

On this day, Muslims devotees converge mainly in the mosque or any outdoor location in the early morning for Edi prayer and break their fast feasting on delicacies. Families and friends gather to mark the end of a month-long fast ‘Ramadan’ and exchange Eid Mubarak (greetings) as well as gifts.

According to the National Census-2078, the Muslim community shares 5.9 percent of the total population of Nepal. Noting the data was incomplete, he said the commission was planning to study the social, economic, political, cultural and educational conditions of the Muslim community and submit the actual details to the government.

Although there is a mosque for Muslims in Kathmandu, it lacks spacious meeting halls to offer Namaz and for cultural activities together, he complained.

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