Monday 20th May 2024
Monday 20th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalCovid-19 puts LGBT people in mental stress

Covid-19 puts LGBT people in mental stress

KATHMANDU – Members of the sexual minorities (LGBT) community have said they were compelled to undergo rising mental stress due to Covid-19.

They shared the plight in a programme ‘challenges and next step relating to the impacts of Covid-19 on LGBT community’ organised by Blue Diamond Society Pokhara.

On the occasion, Programme Manager of the Society, Suman Nepal, said the members of the community were compelled to bear the increasing mental problems while staying with the families who do not accept their identity of sexual minorities during Covid-19 lockdown.

As per the survey carried out by the Society among the members of LGBT community on the impacts of coronavirus pandemic, 27.1 per cent said they suffered from excessive stress while 21.6 per cent from short temper and 13.4 from depression.
The survey was carried out among 172 members. Of them, 12.2 per cent attempted to kill self, and 29.7 per cent experienced violence during coronavirus pandemic, shared Nepal. The survey shows that those staying alone in a rented house had faced more violence.

Moreover, Society Chair Pinky Gurung said the members of the community were deprived of Covid-19 test, treatment and health services due to financial crunch.

Gurung said, “There was increased risk among the members of the community. They were unemployed and deprived of mental health service during this adverse situation. Nineteen members committed suicide due to harsh situation caused by Covid-19. “

Society’s Executive Director, Manisha Dhakal, opined that the members of the community have been continuously facing violence and discrimination due to hatred from family and society as well as discriminatory policy of the State.
Dhakal further said though Article 42 of the constitution has mentioned that the LGBTs have rights to have representation in every state mechanism, there is no equality in practice. -RSS

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