Monday 17th June 2024
Monday 17th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalFirst section of Jayanagar-Bardibas railway likely to be operative soon

First section of Jayanagar-Bardibas railway likely to be operative soon

MAHOTTARI – The first section of Jayanagar-Bardibas railway will be coming into operation within mid-May. It is said the section which starts from Jayanagar of India and ends in Kurtha of Dhanusha will be readied for the operation in the given time.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Basanta Kumar Nembang today visited the proposed railway station based in Bardibas of Mohattari. On the occasion, he monitored the work progress of the project and took stock of the preparations of physical infrastructure for the operation of railway.

Director General at the Department of Railways, Pramila Bajracharya, Nepal Railway Company Limited general manager Guru Prasad Bhattarai and other related officials accompanied the Minister. Following the inspection, he was confident that the railway service could be operated along the first segment by mid-May.

The contractor company has already handed the railway track constructed from Jayanagar to Dhanusha and the government had already procured railway sets, he said talking to media persons at Bardibas. The final arrangements of human resources are awaited, the first segment will come into operation within the month of Baisakh (mid-April to mid-May).

Minister Nembnag shared that the first phase of Jayanagar-Bardibas Railway from Kurtha to Jaynagar is almost ready to come into operation. The technical manpower have been hired from India to operate the rail service and will soon it will come into operation, Nembang added.

The 34-km long railway service out of total 69 kms is coming into operation. Similarly, General Manager at the Railway Company Guru Bhattarai shared that the first phase of the service will begin soon and the second phase will begin until the first week of May.

However, he added that the issue of land encroachment should have resolved to complete the third phase of the project. A 17-km long Kurtha to Bijulpura Station is understood as the second phase while 18-km long railway from Bijulpura to Bardibas as the third phase of the project.-RSS

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