Friday 21st June 2024
Friday 21st June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalProhibitory order begins in Kathmandu Valley from this morning

Prohibitory order begins in Kathmandu Valley from this morning

KATHMANDU – A prohibitory order has been enforced in Kathmandu valley from today, bringing all but essential services to a halt. The decision to enforce prohibitory order is implemented as per the decision taken by the Chief District Officers of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur on 26 April.

With the enforcement the decision, all services and public transportation except for essential services have come to a halt. And, entry into the Kathmandu valley from other districts is restricted.

The prohibition will apply until May 5. As a result, all gatherings including in seminars, conference, entertainment centres, parlours, gymnasiums, sports activities, library, museum and zoo will remain closed. In case of marriage function, a maximum of 15 people can take part.

Only vehicles carrying essential goods, ambulance, and used by health workers and security personnel will be allowed. Government vehicles will require permits issued by the concerned ministry or department.

Groceries will be allowed to open until 10 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening. However, the prescribed health protocol needs to be followed. During this period, anyone entering Kathmandu valley will have to stay on quarantine and home isolation as prescribed by the concerned local level.

Likewise, the government has suspended the arrival of third countries via land route. Indian and Chinese nationals visiting Nepal via land routes should have a negative report for COVID-19 of less than 72 hours after swab collection and the documents of hotel booking for 10 days for their hotel quarantine. The local administration would allow the entry permission for Indian and Chinese nationals based on those documents.

Passengers arriving Nepal by air routes also should follow the same provision and their hotel or home quarantine for 10 days is mandatory.

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