Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalAntigen test on Nepalis entering Nepal from India stopped

Antigen test on Nepalis entering Nepal from India stopped

KATHMANDU – The antigen test of the Nepalis entering Nepal via Birgunj from India has been stopped for sometime now due to shortage of antigen kit.

The Health Desk set up nearby Shankaracharya Gate in Birgunj Metropolis had been conducting antigen tests on the around 25 Nepalis entering Nepal via Birgunj on a daily basis, Saimul Ansari, Health Desk In-charge, told.

Saimul shared, “We just check temperature of those entering Nepal in lack of the antigen kits. If people show COVID-19 symptoms, we send to their respective home town for staying in isolation.”

Also, the Health Desk set up by the Metropolis in the Customs Area has also run short of antigen kit. The shortage was due to the District Public Health Office, Parsa delaying the dispatch of the kits, according to Metropolis Mayor Bijaya Saraogi.

Collection of nasal and throat swab in the Health Desks have been stopped although Nepalis are returning home from neighbouring India in a pick-up van as second wave of COVID-19 cases have been on the surge in both Nepal and India.

The COVID-19 infection rate in Parsa district has been on the wane lately although it had peaked in towards the mid of May. The local administration has been imposing prohibitory order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus infection.

There were 19 COVID-19 cases recorded in Parsa district as of last Monday, according to Dr Saroj Roshan Das, coordinator of Narayani Hospital.

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