Saturday 2nd March 2024
Saturday 2nd March 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalChina Foundation For Poverty Alleviation kick-off Emergency Community Relief Program in Nepal

China Foundation For Poverty Alleviation kick-off Emergency Community Relief Program in Nepal

KATHMANDU – China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and A Drop of Life in coordination with Safa Sunaulo Nepal (SSN) held the Emergency Community Oxygen Station for Free Isolation Center Ceremony at ward no. 1, Challakhel , Dakshinkali municipality, Kathmandu, Bagmati Province .

CFPA has handed over 05 oxygen cylinders (40L capacity each) along with the other essential health supplies — 50 personal protective equipment (PPEs), 50 face shields, 1000 pcs of masks, 1000 pcs of gloves and 2 sanitation machines for community disinfection to Dakshinkali Municipality, Kathmandu, Bagmati Province in Nepal with a total population of 25000. Following this Relief Program, CFPA Nepal Office carried out several programs to help the low-income people of the Dakshinkali Municipality like Emergency Community Food Pack Distribution Program will also be carried in this week.

Dakshinlai Municipality is tourist area near By Kathmandu. Following second wave of Covid-19 in Nepal, CFPA Nepal Office already conducted several emergency community oxygen station center such as in Lanbandi, Sarlahi in Province No.2 and Ward – 17, Chhetrapatti, Ward – 19 in Bagmati Province. Similarly, Emergency Community Food Pack Distribution Opening Ceremony already held in Bagmati province and distributed food pack in 4 different wards of Kathmandu Valley.

In the program, Mayor of the Dakshinkali Municipality: Mr. Mohan Basnet and Deputy Mayor: Mrs. Basanti Tamang Dongol and Ward President: Mr. Jaya Thapa Magar participated from the local government of Dakshinkali Municipality. The beneficiaries commended our efforts and thanked us for helping them in this circumstance.

The country director Zou Zhiqiang from the CFPA Nepal Office expressed her views regarding the program, saying “This program has been carried out as a prompt response to the second wave of Covid-19 in Nepal. With the second wave of COVID-19 cases surging rapidly across Nepal, Nepal is wavering towards an unprecedented health emergency with the continuing spike in the number of COVID-19 cases and related casualties.

The doctors working in the front-line have reported that they have failed to save several lives due to the lack of basic healthcare facilities: oxygen cylinder, biomedical equipment, medicines. Chinese people have shown their empathy to the worries of Nepalese. In coordination with the local government, CFPA supported more than 10 communities with the medical equipment in Nepal in areas heavily affected by COVID-19 such as in Kathmandu valley, in province and sarlahi, Dhanusha districts in province 2. And more than 100 thousand low- income people will be benefited from our program. Now our program’s main focus is on building the oxygen station for the civilians who desperately need the oxygen. Following the first phase, other programs — Sanitize (Disinfection for communities), food pack distribution (with safety rules), schoolbag distribution (with sanitation materials) — will also be carried out afterward throughout the country.

mayor, mohan Basnet, receiving the supplies expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people and CFPA for their prompt support at a crucial time, in 2020, when the COVID-19 appeared in Nepal. Thanks for CFPA Nepal office which has always stood with Nepal at challenging times — from earthquake/flood to this pandemic.

China has been successful in dealing with the pandemic; the experiences that the country had while containing the virus spread can be momentous to the rest of the world. CFPA, exploiting these valuable experiences, has come up with several programs to help Nepal fight the second wave of the deadly pandemic.

In 2020, when Nepal was dealing with the first wave of the pandemic, CFPA Nepal Office carried out several programs to help the low-income people of the country. They conducted the food package distribution program in province no. 2., Bagmati province and some other areas of the country to support the students from low-income daily wage workers families who were gravely affected by the imposition of a nation-wide lockdown. Under this program, the targeted students were provided with groceries, including rice, oil, other cooking items, and sanitation items like sanitizers and masks.

Likewise, in several densely populated areas of Province no. 2 and Bagmati province, handwash stations were established to help the locals, including security personnel, maintain proper sanitation to avoid the contraction of the virus. Amid pandemic, the school bag and food pack distribution program was also carried out following all the safety protocols. The program was targeted to the children of low-income families in various regions of Nepal; the children included in the program were elated to receive new bags and stationery items at a time when they had to bear psychological problems due to the lockdown. Moreover, it eased the burden of indigent families struggling to meet daily needs by obviating the need to buy stationery items for their children.

CFPA, a leading humanitarian organization in china, has been conducting its philanthropic activities in Nepal since 2015. The organization is the first active Chinese INGO operating in Nepal for six years. It has general agreement with SWC Nepal to channelize aid funds to assist in the reconstruction of infrastructures damaged by the earthquake of April 2015. Till date, CFPA Nepal office has helped more than 400,000 people.

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