Saturday 2nd March 2024
Saturday 2nd March 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalNA provides arms to Nepal Police

NA provides arms to Nepal Police

KATHMANDU – The Nepal Army (NA) has provided 300 arms and ammunitions to the Nepal Police.

Chief of Army Staff Purna Chandra Thapa handed the weapons including infantry arms (INSAS), SLRs , its bullets and necessary parts to Inspector General of Police Shailesh Thapa amidst a programme at the NA headquarters today.

As per the decision of the Council of Ministers on May 31, the NA will provide 10,818 sets of arms and 14,940,16 rounds of ammunitions and necessary parts to the police in three phases.

The Nepal Police had demanded such a quantity of arms and ammunitions for several purposes: training, security of distinguished and VIP personalities, office security and the organisation of other big events. The NA is to coach the Nepal Police on the maintenance and handling of the given arms and ammunitions. It is informed that the NA will hand over the remaining weapons to the police by next April.

On the occasion, an agreement paper to this regard was exchanged between Colonel Rajendra Mani Giri and Senior Superintendent of Police Deepak Thapa.

The two top bodies of the nation have been conducting joint operations in some cases to maintain peace and security. The availability of more arms to the NA is expected to enhance its institutional capacity.

According to Army Spokesperson Santosh Ballabh Poudel, the NA, at the request of the Nepal Police, provided weapons from its stock to the police as per the decision of the government.

Earlier, the NA had provided 600 INSAS ( infantry arms) to the Armed Police Force Nepal on July 29, 2020.

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