Sunday 3rd March 2024
Sunday 3rd March 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsMisinformation questions media credibility: PM Deuba

Misinformation questions media credibility: PM Deuba

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the government is committed to full press freedom. Inaugurating a ceremony to observe the 24th establishment day of Reporters’ Club, Nepal here today, the Prime Minister said, “The incumbent government stands in favour of complete freedom of the Press.”

Prime Minister Deuba, who is also the President of Nepali Congress, went on to say that democracy with the guarantee of freedom of expression and of the Press was the agenda of concern of the party since its establishment, and its belief and actions remained unchanged to date.

As he described, complete freedom of the Press would make democracy vibrant and urged media for their contribution to making the upcoming elections impartial and credible. On the occasion, he expected a media role to hold the election without any fear and in a free atmosphere.

“Media role is vital for the development of the nation and to establish a democratic system. Now time demands media to lend a positive support to conclude the election successfully and lead the country towards economic prosperity,” the Prime Minister explained.

He took time to share about the party’s decision to continue with the existing political alliance in the election, too, underlining the need of further consolidating and uniting the alliance.

The Prime Minister also expressed his concern over what he said increasing cases of misinformation and disinformation with the development of information technology. “The IT sector has made a wide stride lately.”

Warning of consequences of misinformation, he said it would put media credibility at risk and urged media persons to just report and disseminate fact-based information.

“Media is by its nature a voice of the voiceless; that’s why it is widely considered as the ‘fourth estate’ of the nation,” the head of the government said, acknowledging the role of media for policy, economic, social and cultural developments in the country.

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