Monday 26th February 2024
Monday 26th February 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsSpeaker Sapkota confident problems in parliament could be resolved through dialogue

Speaker Sapkota confident problems in parliament could be resolved through dialogue

KATHMANDU – Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has expressed the confidence that problems seen in the parliament could be resolved through dialogue. The Speaker expressed this while addressing a programme organized after inaugurating a motorable bridge connecting Ward No. 1 and 5 of Jugal Rural Municipality in his home district Sindhupalchok.

He said, “Even big disputes are resolved through dialogue and so can the problem seen in parliament. I could not directly meet with people in the district and pay attention to development works in the meantime due to COVID-19 and political situation. Now the situation has improved a lot.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Sapkota attended a programme organized at Ratna Rajya Secondary School, Chanaute of Jugal Rural Municipality-7 in the district. The programme was to welcome and honour him.

On the occasion, he said education played an important role in bringing about social transformation. He suggested the school management and the sides concerned to make the most out of the facilities available at the school for the betterment of the teaching-learning environment at the school.

Ratna Rajya Secondary School, built with support from the government of China, is one of the model schools in the country. The school family and management committee on the occasion urged Speaker Sapkota to take special initiative for construction and preservation of the school building.

Speaker Sapkota participated in the ‘Speaker with the People’ programme organized at the Ward Office premises of Jugal Rural Municipality-2, Golche Bagar. Addressing to the programme, he said he would always respect the people’s sentiments.

He also observed the Balephi section of the Balephi-Jalbire-Kattike-Tembathan road presently being upgraded, the Aanpbote-Jalbire section currently being upgraded and the Dhande-Kattike section of the road readied to be black-topped. He inquired about the progress of work on these road sections from officials involved in the road construction works, including Raju Shrestha, the chief of the Bagmati Province Infrastructure Office.

Chief District Officer Bednidhi Khanal, Road Division Office Dolakha’s chief Arjun Suwal, among other officials, were present on the occasion.

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