Tuesday 16th April 2024
Tuesday 16th April 2024
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Foreign Affairs Minister urges NRNs to not get politically divided

KATHMANDU : Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has urged the non-resident Nepalis not to get divided over political affairs in line with the political parties of the country. He stressed that Nepali people outside the country should get united propelling the feeling of Nepali fraternity.

Inaugurating the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Americas Regional Level Meeting and Second Regional Experts’ Conference taking place online from today, Minister Gyawali called for non-resident Nepali to not engage in quarrel in the name of Congress, Communist and other factions in the foreign land.

“There are political parties as well as its leaders and cadres to express our ideological differences and disputes in Nepal,” he further said, asking, “Why the non-resident Nepali needs to get swayed away by political affairs of Nepal? I suggest you to move ahead by promoting the sense of being Nepali.”

The government is ever ready to best utilise the skills, knowledge and experience NRNs have gained abroad in addition to their investment towards realizing the dream of development and prosperity of the country, the minister further said.

On a different note, Minister Gyawali said the incumbent government is moving ahead as per the people’s mandate for the development and prosperity of the country and also claimed that the economic indicators have demonstrated the progress being made to that end.

“Only democratic system does not function well by itself. The concerned political parties, leaders and people should also demonstrate their democratic credentials and conducts,” he asserted. Nepal is not exception to the multifarious effects of global pandemic of COVID-19, he said, adding the government was trying all possible efforts to protect Nepali at home and abroad from the unprecedented crisis.

The minister said the Nepal Constitution-2072 BS has already stipulated the provisions for granting citizenship to the NRNs and informed framing of necessary bill and law to this effect would gain momentum in coming days.Similarly, Nepali Congress chief whip Balkrishna Khand argued that Nepalis living abroad had also equal contribution in strengthening democracy in Nepal. He opined to prepare the plans incorporating the feelings and agendas of Nepalis living abroad. Leader Khand, also a former Minister, argued that the NRN are like the goodwill ambassadors of Nepal abroad.

Likewise, NCP standing committee member and former Minister Janardan Sharma argued that he was serious in addressing the genuine demand of NRN. He also shared that the bill recently endorsed by State Affairs committee has addressed various demands of the NRN and it could be further discussed in the full meeting Parliament as well.
The NRN Americas region, regional coordinator Rajan Tripathi, ICC member Pramod Sitaula and Dolma Sherpa had facilitated the programme. Nepali ambassador to the USA Dr Arjun Karki, Nepali ambassador to Canada Bhrigu Dhungana, NRN ICC chair Kumar Panta, leader Anjani Shrestha among other NRN representatives and leaders had opined to contribute in economic prosperity of Nepal.

The three-day interaction will conclude issuing a Toronto Declaration which would be handed over to Government of Nepal. The ICC is preparing for the International Expert Conference in October after organizing different regional conferences and workshops.

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