Tuesday 18th June 2024
Tuesday 18th June 2024
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Lawmakers call government’s attention on waste management issue

KATHMANDU – House of Representatives (HoR) members have expressed concern over the pressing issue of waste management in the Kathmandu Valley and sought the government prompt response to address it.

Airing their views in the zero hour of the today’s lower house session, Amrita Thapa Magar said garbage piles in the town have posed a grave threat to public health and made the life challenging. Major cities in the country are getting their beauty and essence ruined due to lack of proper waste management, according to the lawmaker.

Kalika Khatun insisted on the segregation of wastes being based on its nature to make its management less challenging and on the role of three-tier government in the efforts.

Anjana Bisankhe demanded broader discussions on the Citizenship Bill for necessary amendments to ensure its wider acceptance. Krishna Gopal Shrestha said the Bill was send back to the House for reconsideration by the President a as a severe loophole was assessed in the document. He advised the House to go for serious discussions above the issue.

Khem Prasad Lohani said it was the constitutional right of the President to send the Bill back to the House for reconsideration. He was of the view of not giving the citizenship promptly after the marriage.

Ganesh Thagunna expressed his sorrow over the deaths of five in the Darchula jeep accident on Wednesday, demanding the government’s attention towards guaranteeing proper compensation to the families of victims and treatment to the injured.

Jay Kumar Rai urged the government to make contractors to complete road and bridge construction projects on time while Jhapta Bahadur Rawal spoke the need of government quick measures to spread the dengue in Kailali.

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