Thursday 13th June 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024
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Mustang: Both UML and NC assert they win elections

KATHMANDU – Candidates of both the Nepali Congress and CPN UML have claimed that they would be victorious in the November 20 elections to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly.

Since 2047BS, the Nepali Congress garnered victory for three times while UML twice for the parliamentary election from Mustang district. Both of them are pining restoration of their win.

UML central member Prem Prasad Tulachan and NC’s Gandaki Province member Yogesh Gauchan are vying for the for the election to the House of Representatives in the district. In the 2070 election, NC’s Romi Gauchan Thakali had defeated rebellion candidate from the same party, Prem Prasad Gauchan. However, Prem Prasad quit NC and joined UML in 2074, and secured the victory in the same year. He defeated Romi Gauchan.

Romi Gauchann had won the election in 2070 by margin of 13 votes while 485 votes were the margin leading to Prem Prasad’s win. Gauchan had been the HoR member in 2056 election as well. Gauchan had been Minister for Commerce in 2073.

Present HoR candidate from NC Yogesh is 29 year old while Tulachan 62. It is said Romi Gauchan and Prem Prasad are relatives. As per relations in Thakali tradition, they are ‘solti’ to each other- the sons of brother and daughter.

Tulachan bears the background of construction entrepreneurship. He is also the former member of District Development Committee and Chair of Thasang Sports Club.

Similarly, Yogesh has returned Nepal after completing Bachelor of Business Management in India. He involved in trade and politics since then.

Meanwhile, among five local levels in Mustang, four are secured by the UML in the last local level election. NC has won in a local level. Compared to the votes they secured in the local level election, UML is ahead with some 400 votes in the post of chair while NC is ahead of some 50 votes in the post of deputy chair.

In the 2074 election, both HoR member and two Provincial Assembly members were secured by UML. For three seats, there are now 13 candidates in fray. There are 39 voting centres and 19,957 voters in the district. In addition to NC and UML, there are candidates of Rastriya Prajatantra Party as well.

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