Sunday 21st April 2024
Sunday 21st April 2024
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NC for political stability and prosperity: Deuba

KATHMANDU – President of Nepali Congress and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the Nepali Congress has always stood up for political stability and prosperity of the country.

Expressing his opinion in favor of the proposal to give a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ in the meeting today of the House of Representatives, he said the NC gave a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Dahal on January 10 earlier this year for ensuring the full term of the House of Representatives and overall political stability.

Mentioning that the NC voted in favor of the Prime Minister’s proposal even though it was the main opposition party in the Parliament, he recalled that the vote was for political stability. He also said that a coalition for the government was a must as the mixed electoral system adopted by the country did not easily allow for a single party to get a majority in the House.

Emphasizing that the political alliance should not be self-centered and destabilizing one, he said the alliance should be focused in the interest of country and the people, protecting the constitution and for stability, peace and development in the country.

“Around twenty-one months ago, the country was pushed towards instability due to the unconstitutional, non-democratic and unnatural dissolution of the House of Representatives,” he said which led to him being appointed the Prime Minister with the support and consent of Nepali Congress and other political parties for the protection and durability of the constitution. He said that it was his primary responsibility at that time to ensure that the House of Representatives completes its full term in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution, and that the local level, House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections are completed on time.

The former Prime Minister said the attention now should be towards achieving lasting peace, good governance, development and prosperity through a strong federal democratic republican governance system and by protecting the constitution.

Referring to the need to improve the deteriorating economic situation of the country, Deuba said that the country’s economy has been negatively affected due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and emphasized concrete commitments to policies and plans to boost the economy.

Informing that the process of amending the law to address the issue of transitional justice has progressed, he said, the peace process should be concluded with the involvement of all the parties in the federal parliament with mutual understanding among the sides concerned.

On a different note, he said that the government should work honestly in the interest of the country and the people, and the opposition parties should perform the constructive role of support and opposition based on the merits and demerits of the government.

Mentioning that there are some issues of national concern that needs to be addressed in the country, he said that the NC was firm in the opinion that dialogue, agreement and collaboration should be adopted between all the political parties in the ruling party or the opposition on matters of national concern.

Speaking about the history of Congress emphasizing on dialogue, consensus and cooperation to address the complex challenges facing the country, Deuba mentioned that because of this basic mantra the country was able to transform from the situation of 10 years of armed struggle to peace through peaceful dialogue and talks.

As the constitution was achieved through dialogue, consensus and collaboration, we should still move forward with a consensus on common issues of national concern. The NC President also noted that the NC will participate in the current government led by Prime Minister Dahal.

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