Monday 22nd April 2024
Monday 22nd April 2024
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Exemplary progress made in health sector: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’ Prachanda’ has said the government prioritizes improving the quality of health services and making it accessible.

Giving a video message on the occasion of the 75th World Health Day today, he maintained that emphasis has been laid on expanding the primary health services for making the concept of universal accessibility to health practicable.

According to the Prime Minister, emphasis has been laid on the formulation and effective implementation of the policies, strategies and action plans required for fulfilling the goals related to health determined at the national level, the SDGs and the various commitments Nepal has made in the international forums.

The PM further said: “We are consistently effortful towards promotion of a healthy lifestyle, prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and response to epidemics.”

Noting that Nepal has achieved exemplary progress in the health sector since the past some decades, he said, “There has been improvements in the maternal and child health. We have succeeded in eliminating some infectious diseases and the life expectancy of the Nepali people has increased. The progress in public health sector is directly connected to our social structure. We would be able to implement the slogan ‘quality health services for all’ and the rights enshrined in the Constitution only if we can bring a change in the living standard of the people by attaining prosperity with social justice.”

Prime Minister Dahal stated that Nepal has set the goal of a ‘healthy and salubrious Nepal’ through the mobilisation and management of necessary budget, programme system, structure, equipment and skilled human resources in the health sector.

“Our structures are active in fulfilling this goal. Although several achievements have been made in the health sector, still lot more needs to be done for increasing the access of the general public to quality health services. It is necessary to strengthen the health system, manage the human resources and promote the community health,” PM Dahal said.

Stressing on the need to further bolster the coordination and collaboration among all the government ministries and subordinate offices, the organisations concerned and the multi-sectoral bodies, he called upon all to celebrate the World Health Day as an opportunity to address the present and future health challenges while remembering the success achieved in the public health sector. The World Health Day is celebrated in Nepal also around the slogan-Health for All.

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