Friday 19th April 2024
Friday 19th April 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsBy-election voting over: Around 60 per cent turnout

By-election voting over: Around 60 per cent turnout

KATHMANDU – The by-election for the member of the House of Representatives (HoR) has concluded in three constituencies in a peaceful and enthusiastic atmosphere on Sunday- with around 60 per cent votes cast, according to the Election Commission of Nepal.
Details of votes cast are being entered into the Election Commission’s information system at present. As per the preliminary details, the voter turnout stands at 60 per cent on average in all three constituencies- Bara-2, Chitwan-2 and Tanahu-1.
In constituency no 2 in Bara, voter turnout remained at 64 per cent, in Chitwan-2, it was 63 per cent and in Tanahu-1, it was 53 per cent, the Commission said.
There were altogether 353,247 eligible voters in three constituencies, according to the Election Commission.
In the parliamentary election on November 20 last year, 63.56 per cent votes were cast in Bara-2, 67.63 per cent in Chitwan-2 and 54.03 per cent in Tanahu-1.
The ballot papers will be transported from the constituencies to the office of the Chief Returning Officer from the evening till 11:00 pm.
Vote counting will begin as per directive from the Commission and in consensus with the political parties and candidates contesting the by-election and the results announced by April 25, informed Kamal Gyawali, Under-Secretary at the Commission.

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