Friday 19th April 2024
Friday 19th April 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsDemand to make public the report of Committee probing fake Bhutanese refugee scam

Demand to make public the report of Committee probing fake Bhutanese refugee scam

KATHMANDU – Major opposition party (CPN-UML), in the first meeting of the 14th session of the National Assembly commencing today, demanded to make public the report of the Commission formed to investigate fake Bhutanese refugee scam.

UML’s parliamentarian Devendra Dahal urged to put an end to the hullabaloo surrounding the fake Bhutanese refugee scam and unveil the report prepared by the Commission formed to probe the scam.

Criticizing that there was no investigation into the attempt of attack targeted at the team of UML Chairperson some days ago in Jhapa, Dahal blamed that the government was coming down against the opposition party.

Stating that economic crisis could spur terrible situation in the country, he suggested to remain alert and aware on time about it. He claimed that the alternative force sought in the country would not meet the aspirations of the people.

According to him, bringing on board the opposition party was a beautiful aspect of democracy but, he grieved, that there was no enabling environment for the ruling parties to join the opposition to address the overall national issues including the economic.

He rued that the earlier bill session went in vain. “Not a single bill was endorsed. It passed away in the formation and reshuffle of the government. The coalition brought in anomalies. The coalition against UML has held the country hostage of indecisiveness,” he said.

Dahal hit out that the incumbent government did not have capability to come up with framework to address the deteriorating national economy. “The attention of public has been pinned on consumption rather than production. The government is also illiberal towards setting up industries and creating job,” he said.

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