Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsAll three tiers of government need to be strong: CM Raut

All three tiers of government need to be strong: CM Raut

KATHMANDU : Chief Minister of State-2, Lal Babu Raut, has stated that strong relations and cooperation among all three layers of government are essential to make the federal system and the constitution more successful.

CM Raut said this in an interview with National News Agency (RSS) correspondent Himanshu Chaudhari on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the promulgation of the constitution ensuring federal democratic republic in Nepal.

Raut reminded that the new constitution had been formed with the background of the Madhes movement and people’s movement. He further said that the unitary system of unequal governance and single ethnic thoughts came to an end. However, there were still some complications to fully implement the federal system. People have not been empowered yet to exercise their rights as enshrined by the constitution.

In response to a question on the implementation of State government and local level activities, CM Raut said that although the constitution has finely delineated the rights and responsibilities of all three layers of governments, State and local level governments are still facing problems.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the State and local level governments have made various efforts as an arrangement of isolation and quarantines. However, honest acceptance of the federal system must be reflected in the federal government, he mentioned.

According to him, the practical aspects of implementing rights by the State and local governments are weak, despite clear mentions in the constitution. “The federal government should be sensitive to the making of laws on implementing the provision mentioned in the schedules of the constitution,” he stressed.

He expressed concern that State level activities were delayed due to not having proper laws. The atmosphere is still slow off the mark to depict the federal system, and the laws formulated by the federal government have shrunk the role of the State government.

Moreover, CM Raut reiterated that the rights devolved from Singha Durbar are yet to reach the people’s door steps as envisioned by the federal democratic republican constitution. “The authority is still concentrated in Singh Durbar. Discrimination against women, Madhesi, Dalit, Muslim, Tharu, differently able persons and marginalized ones has not ended, but rather, perpetuated. The policies of inclusion, proportional representation have been ignored.

The citizenship issue is pressing. Shadowing the constitution amendment is another worrying matter,” he reiterated. Raut stressed the need for a broader acceptability of the constitution where every Nepali’s voice and aspiration would be addressed. The laws must be friendly to Madhesi, Dalit, women, Muslim, Tharu and marginalized people, he said. Reasoning that the constitution is a common document to all Nepalis, he hopes its weaknesses will be corrected in future.

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