Sunday 21st April 2024
Sunday 21st April 2024
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RPP’s backing to present government in Koshi province is impossible: Rajendra Lingden

KATHMANDU – Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) chairperson Rajendra Prasad Lingden has ruled out the possibility of his party supporting or giving vote of confidence to the present government in Koshi province.

The RPP leader said this today while talking to media persons at Tribhuvan International Airport upon his return home from a visit to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“Responsible persons, in several instances, made publicity like the RPP has taken decision to back the present ruling alliance in Koshi province by taking the Speaker’s post and one provincial ministry. From the procedural aspect as well, the phase of the RPP’s supporting (the ruling alliance) is over now. The publicity related to this is false,” the RPP Chair said.

According to him, the party’s attention was drawn towards the publicity linking the topic of the RPP getting the leadership of the Development and Technology Committee of the Parliament with the party’s presumed support to the ruling alliance in Koshi province.

“The post of Speaker (in Koshi Province Assembly) is easily attainable in the present situation. There is no need for an agreement with any party for taking the Speakership. There was no pact of any kind on exchange of posts when we took up the leadership of the parliamentary committee,” the RPP Chair clarified.

He also shared that the RPP was offered the post of Chief Minister in Koshi province. “Posts of the Speaker and Minister are not priority issues for RPP at present.

If we want, we can get the Chief Minister post from the ruling coalition now; there is such a situation in the Province Assembly in terms of the number of lawmakers,” he added.

Talking about the contemporary political situation, the RPP Chair commented that the sentiments of a majority population were being hurt and the government’s apathy towards these sorts of activities is a matter of concern. “A Hindu nation with equal respect to all faiths is the country’s need for maintaining religious and social harmony,” he stressed.

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