Monday 17th June 2024
Monday 17th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsInternational support would be received in remaining works of the peace process : Barshaman Pun

International support would be received in remaining works of the peace process : Barshaman Pun

KATHMANDU – CPN (Maoist Centre) deputy general secretary Barshaman Pun has expressed the confidence that international support would be forthcoming for the remaining works of the peace process.

Speaking in special time in the meeting of the House of Representatives today, he said the bill on transitional justice is being discussed in the parliament’s Law and Human Rights Committee and it would be endorsed through national consensus.

“We do not believe in ourselves and instead believe in fatalism. However, we should believe in our actions, paying attention to facts and what the science and technology says. We should carry out works according to the culture of cooperation and trust. We should also recognize the minority’s culture. It is necessary to accept pluralism,” leader Pun reiterated.

The parliament has made some efforts, he said, while reviewing the term of the current session of the parliament. According to him, the parliament has made an important law on controlling extractive money lending during this period. Noting that various 22 bills are under discussion in the different parliamentary thematic committees, he stressed that the role of all sides is important in making the parliament effective.

He stated that the Prime Minister’s visit to various friendly countries is positive. “The United Nations Secretary-General informing the world regarding the adverse impact of climate change having come here to Nepal on a formal visit is an achievement for Nepal,” he added.

The Maoist Centre leader reiterated that it is necessary for all to work together for strengthening the economy, and the government has been working in accordance with an independent foreign policy.

He also mentioned that a significant initiative like the Prime Minister replying to MPs in the first week of every month has been practiced in this period of the present parliamentary session.

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