Saturday 22nd June 2024
Saturday 22nd June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsParties should build capacity to iron out weakness of democracy: Shankar Pokhrel

Parties should build capacity to iron out weakness of democracy: Shankar Pokhrel

GULMI – CPN (UML) General-Secretary Shankar Pokhrel asserted that democracy would be stronger if the political parties chosen by the public could be established in the democratic manner.

At a training organized by his party’s district committee in Gulmi district today, General-Secretary Pokhrel voiced his concerns that political instability and social chaos were on the rise in the country lately.

Pokhrel further expressed his concern over people’s growing distrust over democracy and thus called for the political parties to build up capacity to iron out the weaknesses of democracy.

The former Deputy Prime Minister argued that there was no alternative for the country to move ahead in the path of development and prosperity so as to prevent anarchist elements that were on the prowl in the political sector of the country.

He viewed that all forces blamed that everyone had started attacking and targeting his party, the major opposition party in the federal parliament. On the occasion, General-Secretary Pokhrel instructed the party cadres and leaders to present themselves as leaders not only in the political and theoretical affairs but also in the economic and developmental ones.

According to him, his party had launched the ‘Mission Grassroot’ to sensitize the public about the good deeds it did when it led the government over various period of time as well as to strengthen the party ideologically and organizationally.

The three-day training is attended by party’s prominent central leaders and cadres from the district, informed Balsing Kaucha, the party’s district Chairperson.

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