Thursday 20th June 2024
Thursday 20th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsPM Dahal insists government’s pro-people works have instilled people’s faith in republic

PM Dahal insists government’s pro-people works have instilled people’s faith in republic

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has opined that the government’s people-oriented steps have enahanced people’s hope and faith towards the federal democratic republic.

Addressing the prgramme organised on the occasion of the 39th Anniversary of Nepal Television (NTV) here today, he said the development of positive thinking and infusion of new hope among the people that ‘something will be done’ should be considered positive achievement.

He said the present government under his leadership formed amidst a challenging situation has completed one year and one month’s term, and during the period it has taken ahead several courageous and people-oriented works that history will remember.

“Incidents like the investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee scandal, the daring action taken in the Lalita Niwas scam and the fair probe into the gold smuggling case have exposed the criminal acts carried out through the misuse of State authority,” PM Dahal said.

He further said that works like the laws enacted in support of the usury victims, the formulation of the Citizenship Act for the Nepali citizens’ offspring devoid of citizenship, the contribution-based social security scheme brought for those citizens on foreign employment and the labourers working in the self-employment and informal sectors and swift distribution of passport and the driving license, among other works have raised hope among the people.

He clarified that the country’s economy is already back on track due to the positive measures carried out by the government. PM Dahal mentioned, “Steps taken to make offices systematic, reform in health sector including arrangement of free beds at hospital, supply of text books and chemical fertilizer on time and efforts taken in social justice sector have been praised everywhere.”

The incumbent government was committed to build necessary structures and entities guaranteeing freedom of expression, right to information and press freedom, he stressed.

The Prime Minister expressed commitment to establish the right to information as the responsibility of the State, effectively implementing the laws formulated for working journalists.

Sharing that he was aware of the problems facing the media in Nepal as advertisement market of Nepal has shrunk since few years due to economic recession following COVID-19 pandemic, he emphasised on the need of Nepal Television to preserve the pride of being the ‘mother of broadcasting’ even in difficult situation.

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