Friday 21st June 2024
Friday 21st June 2024
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Govt. committed for making journalism advanced and professional: Minister Sharma

KATHMANDU – Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the incumbent government was committed to make journalism sector more advanced, professional and prosperous protecting the press freedom.

Addressing a programme organised on the 39th anniversary of the Nepal Television, Minister Sharma mentioned that Nepal Television and Radio Nepal would be merged and developed as more independent, autonomous and people-oriented public service broadcaster.

“Earlier, government-owned media were understood as the mouth piece of the government. But now, we are trying to change such type of working style,” she stressed.

Minister Sharma explained that government-owned media is working as dual means of conveying news and information about the State and its activities to the people, and the people’s message and expectations to the State.

“Committee on suggestion for reform of mass media sector has been formed keeping in mind the restructuring of the mass media sector, and the Nepal Media Council Bill and the Mass Communications Bill have been prepared with the Committee’s report as the basis,” she said, adding that emphasis has been given to the formulation of the policies and laws related to the mass communication sector aiming to making the province and the local level also stronger as per the situation developed through the federal structure and practices as well as in line with the Mass Communication Policy, 2073 BS.

Minister Sharma said the journalism sector should stress on the production and dissemination of content defending the political achievements made from people’s sacrifice and discouraging the vulgar and uncivil tendencies seen at present in society.

Stating that the government is always ready for the timely development, expansion and transformation of Nepal Television, she wished that may the NTV that carries with it a glorious history of four decades establish as more strong and popular broadcasting medium in the coming days.

“It would be difficult to expand the reach of television if arrangements are not made to watch television on the hand-held devices, taking into account the development of information technology and the changing tastes of the mass audiences,” the Minister urged the NTV management to make the operational cost effective and bring quality in the service delivery through clean and efficient management.

Secretary at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ram Krishna Subedi urged the television to play a role in reducing the negative impact that misinformation and disinformation can have on society.

Reminding that it is Nepal Television’s duty to practice responsible journalism by making the people well-informed, he stressed on the need of television to remain active for materializing the inclusiveness adopted by the constitution. Employees providing uninterrupted service for a long time in NTV were awarded with the Long Service Medal on the occasion.

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