Sunday 26th May 2024
Sunday 26th May 2024
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Government has carried out bold and pro-people works: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU –  Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the government has carried out historic works in favour of the country and the people.

Addressing a programme organized on the occasion of the 27th General Convention of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) here today, the PM reiterated that he has resolved to carry out only good deeds in favour of the country and people.

“I had said while taking charge of office that I will only do good things for the benefit of the country and the people and I will direct the government machinery to do only good things. If we look at the works done by the government during this period, there have been many bold and pro-people works that will be remembered in history,” said the Prime Minister.

Stating that there has been a good improvement in the economy which was in crisis, he said the narrative that Nepal is heading towards an economic crash like that of Sri Lanka has been torn apart, and the economy has been brought on recovery track.

“There has been an improvement in the balance of payments, foreign exchange reserves, remittance income and revenue collection,” Prime Minister Dahal said, adding, “The indicators of the economy are moving in a positive direction. An investment-friendly environment has been created by bringing consistency in fiscal policy and monetary policy.”

Highlighting that the interest rate of banks has decreased recently, initiatives have been taken to solve the problems of microfinance and cooperatives, and there has been improvement in the management of public institutions, PM Dahal said the tourism sector has been encouraged with a significant increase in tourist arrivals.

Mentioning about the works carried out by the government in the good governance sector, he referred to the ‘fair’ investigations launched into the various scandals as the fake Bhutanese refugee scam, the Lalita Niwas public land grab scam, and gold smuggling scam in which the wrongdoers have been brought to justice.

He also reiterated that significant works have also been carried out in the social justice sector as well. More than 5.5 million school children throughout the country have the textbooks in their hands before the start of the new school calendar, fertilizers have been provided to farmers on time, 2900 free beds have been managed in hospitals for treating underprivileged and indigent citizens.

Similarly, citizenship certificates with economic, social and cultural rights have been provided to the Non-Resident Nepalis. Prime Minister Dahal said that the signing of a long-term electricity trade agreement between Nepal and India to export 10,000 megawatts of electricity in 10 years, the agreement of electricity sales with Bangladesh and the emphasis on electricity production within the country clearly indicate that the economic future of the country is bright.

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