Thursday 13th June 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsGovt. active to develop Lumbini as destination of world peace, spiritual tourism: PM Dahal

Govt. active to develop Lumbini as destination of world peace, spiritual tourism: PM Dahal

LUMBINI – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the incumbent government was active to develop Buddha’s thoughts, guidance and birthplace as the destination of the world peace and spiritual tourism.

Addressing a programme organised by the 2568th Buddha Jayanti and Lumbini Day Main Ceremony Organising Committee here today, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that the government was carrying out activities in order to develop Lumbini as the religious site which should be visited by the millions of Buddhists of the world and general people once in their life.

He shared on the occasion that a proposal related to the Greater Lumbini Development Project was presented in the third investment summit organised by Nepal, and that the international community was called for foreign investment. The PM expressed the belief that it would help promote Gautam Buddha and Nepal’s contribution in the world peace by attracting Buddhists from around the world.

“It is a matter of pride for every citizen of the world to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Lumbini will be developed as the ‘birthing centre’ of Buddhists the world over and there is possibility of achieving high success in tourism promotion of Lumbini and entire Nepal,” underscored the PM.

Prime Minister Dahal stressed that Gautam Buddha is the collective symbol of peace, unity and harmony, adding Buddha’s thoughts and their impact is very important in Eastern philosophy. “The birth of Buddha has not only provided immense potential through religious tourism, but also made Nepal renowned in the world,” he explained.

Stating that inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar in the Lumbini are a testament that Budhha was born in Nepal, the Prime Minister said the government has incorporated Lumbini into the projects of national pride as it yearns for rapid development of the site serving as a symbol of humanity and a world heritage. As he said, the government is working on completing the remaining endeavors under the Lumbini Master Plan.

The Prime Minister said, “The government is focused on archeological explorations in the Kapilvastu, Devdaha, and Ramgrama areas, and on their protection, promotion, and development in the support and participation of international donors and organizations.” As he shared on occasion, the government wants to deliver tangible development outcomes in the areas.

Stating that the successful implementation of the Greater Lumbini Development Project is capable of changing this aspiration into reality, he also directed the Lumbini Development Trust to proceed ahead towards that end.

He said Lumbini holds the potential for turning into a further larger international hub for Buddhist philosophy and education. The Prime Minister declared that “Lumbini is not just the birthplace of Buddha, but also serves as the origin of Buddhism.”

On the occasion, the head of the government took an opportunity to instruct the Lumbini Buddhist University to put its entire efforts towards the promotion of Buddhist philosophy.

Recalling the Second World Buddhist Summit in 2004 successfully hosted by the government, the Prime Minister announced the plans for Nepal to host the Third Summit.

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