Monday 20th May 2024
Monday 20th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsSecretariats of Oli, Prachanda make conflicting claims on agreement to resolve Karnali’s intraparty disputes

Secretariats of Oli, Prachanda make conflicting claims on agreement to resolve Karnali’s intraparty disputes

NCP co-chairs’ secretariats release separate, conflicting statements on agreement to settle intraparty disputes in Karnali that had led to a foiled attempt of no-confidence motion against province’s Chief Minister Shahi

Kathmandu: Secretariats of two co chairs of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have issued separate and conflicting statements on the resolution of recent intra-party disputes in Karnali province.

While the secretariat of Prime Minister and NCP chairman KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday released a statement claiming that there has been a four-point agreement to resolve the recent intra-party disputes, the secretariat of another chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has its own interpretation of the agreement.

Prime Minister Oli’s Press Advisor Surya Thapa and Prachanda’s Press Coordinator Bishnu Sapkota issued separate press notes after the meeting between the two chairmen of the ruling party on Tuesday morning.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the two chairmen had held a meeting to settle the intra-party disputes in Karnali that triggered a no-motion confidence process against the Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi last week.

In response, Chief Minister Shahi, who is also parliamentary leader, sacked the chief whip Gulab Jung Shahi who was involved in the process to vote him out of power. Chief Minister Shahi had foiled the process by roping in senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal-led faction.

However, both disgruntled factions were summoned to Kathmandu by the party leadership to resolve the intra-party row.

Though the two chairmen held the meeting on Tuesday to settle the differences in the province, their secretariats interpreted the agreements on their own.

Prachanda’s secretariat claimed that the two chairmen’s meeting had agreed to withdraw or scrap the no-confidence motion and to settle the issue of chief whip from the provincial committee or government level.

However, Prime Minister Oli’s secretariat claimed that the two chairmen had a four-point agreement on resolving the disputes in Karnali.

According to Prime Minister Oli’s Press Coordinator Thapa, four-point agreement includes scrapping the decision of Chief Minister Shahi to remove Gulab Jung Shah as the chief whip, continue Sita Nepali as the whip, withdraw no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Shahi and move ahead with consultations and discussions within the party on other issues.

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