Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
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Advocates taking more time for arguments anger Chief Justice

“Stop it! Leave it now,” Chief Justice Rana ordered an advocate who exceeded the time limit to plead on behalf of Prime Minister Oli.

KATHMANDU – The Constitutional Bench is continuing hearing on the House dissolution case. After government attorneys ended their oral arguments on Friday, private lawyers of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli are now pleading before the Constitutional Bench to defend the government’s move of dissolving the House.

Chief Justice Chendra Shumsher JB Rana has fixed 15 minutes time for each advocate to complete their argument.However, advocate Ishwori Prasad Bhattarai took more than the allocated time, drawing ire of the Chief Justice.

After Bhattarai took more than 30 minutes, Chief Justice Rana asked him to conclude his argument. But advocate Bhattarai did not stop.

When he continued to speak, Chief Justice Rana intervened, “Please stop now! You don’t obey us. You don’t understand our compulsion.” After Bhattarai left, two advocates presented their arguments before the Constitutional Bench.

Both Mahesh Nepali and CP Regmi also did not follow the time limit. When CP Regmi exceeded 15 minutes, Chief Justice Rana again chipped in and asked him to wrap up.

But, he did not heed the Chief Justice’s call and continued to present his argument. The advocate’s disregard for the time limit further irked the Chief Justice.“Stop it! Leave it now,” Chief Justice Rana said angrily.

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