Thursday 23rd May 2024
Thursday 23rd May 2024
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Minister Ale and UK minister hold ‘virtual meeting’

KATHMANDU – Minister for Forests and environment Prem Bahadur Ale and the British Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Development, Anne-Marie Trevelyan have held a virtual meeting.

The online meeting between the two ministers took place in relation to collaboration between Nepal and the UK in the United Nations Framework Convention on climate Change (COP-26) that is convening in Glasgow City, UK in November 2021.

On the occasion, the UK Minister of State inquired about what experience Nepal wanted to share in the upcoming COP-26 and whether or not the study report regarding the damage caused by climate change and conducted by Nepal would be made available, the Ministry of forests and environment stated.

In reply, Minister Ale said Nepal has got experience on formulation of local adaptation plan and its implementation. He also informed the British official that the government planned to prepare the adaptation plan at all local bodies in the coming days.

“We are moving ahead towards developing the capacity to address the problems created by climate change and the climate financing mechanism along with the preparation of the medium-term and long-term plans by assessing the climate-induced risks through fact-based information,” he said.

He also informed the British minister of state that Nepal was willing to work on reducing climate change risk on the basis of internal and international investments. British Minister of State Trevelyan had also asked about how Nepal going to achieve climate resilience through ‘green recovery’.

To this, Minister Ale said Nepal wanted to implement the green recovery through the national adaptation plan, the nationally-determined contribution and the long-term zero emission strategy. He added that it is expected the climate resilience would be achieved in every sector by integrating climate adaptation measures in the development process.

Minister for Forests and Environment Ale said Nepal would move ahead in partnership with the UK government after holding necessary discussions and making preparations in the COP-26, adding that it would raise the issues accordingly. Minister Ale also thanked the UK government for its willingness to become the co-organiser of the ‘Sagarmatha Sambad’.

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