Saturday 2nd March 2024
Saturday 2nd March 2024
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Women’s participation must for economic transformation: Province chief Poudel

KATHMANDU – Gandaki Province chief Sita Kumari Poudel has said economic transformation is possible only through women’s participation. During a meeting with a delegation from the Pokhara-based Women Tourism Entrepreneurs Forum (WOTEF) today, the Province Chief stressed the need of the participation of women tourism entrepreneurs for the sustainable development of Pokhara, a major tourist hub un the country.

Stating that the Gandaki Province was one of the best destinations for tourism, she pointed out the need of coming up with news visions through the people’s and women’s participatory approach for its sustainable development by well addressing its natural, cultural and social aspects.

“These are women who work from dawn to dusk, but their labour has remained largely unrecognised and women are not respected until and unless their labour remains to be unrecognized and unpaid,” she said.

According to the Province Chief, though women lately have proved their competence in every public forum, their participation in the executive and leadership levels is still low.

On the occasion, organisation chair Parbati Pandey informed the Province Chief about the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector, challenged felt in the implementation of monetary policy and problems to run the business unless the availability COVID-19 vaccine.

The founding chairperson of the organization, Jamuna Parajuli, briefed the state chief about the purpose of the establishment of the organization and the works done institutionally.

Organisation’s advisors Debaka Pahari, Durga Dhakal, Narmala Kandel, Vice President Uma Bhandari, Member Sharmila Neupane and others put their views about the status of women’s participation in the tourism sector, difficulties in operating a business, and the hassles women facing in getting loans from banks and financial institutions.

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