Wednesday 17th April 2024
Wednesday 17th April 2024
गृहपृष्ठSportsAfter winning gold in Ninth National Games, Tharu aims for gold in international athletics

After winning gold in Ninth National Games, Tharu aims for gold in international athletics

POKHARA – Jayarani Tharu broke her own previous record in 400m hurdles in athletics to win gold in the ongoing Ninth National Games in the Pokhara Stadium.

She clocked 1 minute 04.13 seconds to finish winner to break her own previous record of 1 minute 07.02 seconds in the 44th National Athletics Competition in Kathmandu three months ago. In the Competition, she broke the eight-year-old record at 1 minute 07.02 seconds.

I already aimed to correct my own previous record, said elated Tharu. “I am much happy to have improved my own record. I did it more than I thought. My target was to improve on my own record. Ultimately, I did it.”

After winning the first gold in the National Games, she took no time to call her mother in Bardiya to share about her feat. She could feel the happiness of her mother at the moment who strongly believed that her daughter could deliver par excellence in the field.

As she said with her dream of winning the gold in the National Games, now she eyes on the international matches. “I see international competitions as a forum for demonstrating professional skills of mine and promoting international identity of the nation. I will do my best to bring home medals from there (international competitions).”

Jayarani has been in athletics professionally since 2072 BS. She had her debut in the national event since the Seventh National Games, and in the Eighth National Games, she played from the then Province 5 (Lumbini Province). She won silver in three events in the Eighth National Games. Jayarani is with the Nepali Army since 2076 BS. She shared that a man from her village whom she called ‘brother’ encouraged her to seek her career by joining the Nepali Army. The support she got from her father Bhagwai Din Tharu to enter sports field is unforgettable for her.

Born into a simple farming family, Jayarani was urged by her mother to stay home and help her with her household works. However, Jayarani’s father encouraged her to seek future in sports. “My mom used to tell me when I was a kid to help her with the household works when I grew up. But my dad used to tell me to seek a future in sports. Although a simple farmer, my dad liked sports,” she recalled.

Although there was no one to support her to take up sports in the beginning, her school groomed her in sports. It provided Jayarani with free accommodation in school and facilities to play. Sumitra Chaudhary, whom Jayarani considers as her mentor, encouraged her to take up sports and participate in sports competitions. Chaudhary is herself an athlete and from Bardiya.

“It is Sumitra Chaudhary Guruama (honorific) who motivated me to pursue sports. I have been getting her support from the beginning,” Jayarani said of her mentor.

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