Sunday 21st July 2024
Sunday 21st July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalFemale officer placed in charge of armed force after 50 years

Female officer placed in charge of armed force after 50 years

KASKI:  A woman police officer has been given the Armed Police Force’s responsibility under the Nepal Police after 50 years. The Human Resources and Administration Sub-Branch of the Police Headquarters has assigned Inspector Chandra Gurung of the District Police Office in Kaski to the post of a commander (gulmapati) of the Armed Police Force in Pokhara.

Gurung is the first woman to become a gulmapati   since 2026 BS after Purnima Chand, who was the first female gulmapati of Nepal.

In a conversation with the RSS, Gurung said, “I have been working in the police service for three decades giving priority to peace and security.” “I will focus on developing the role of a gulmapati by taking the responsibility that comes with this role.”

She stated that her new responsibilities have brought about newfound energy and enthusiasm. 

Under Gurung’s leadership there will be 110 policemen who will serve as an emergency back force, and the division will provide various training related to the operation of armed police service. Prior to this, Gurung served as the head of the Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Service Center at the District Police Office in Kaski for two decades.

Gurung has also played a coordinating role in controlling riots and crowds in various movements and demonstrations in Kaski. In 2072 BS, she was honored by the Ministry of Women and Children for her effective work against human trafficking and additionally has been honored by more than a dozen other organizations.

Gurung stated that the presence of women in the police service has made her feel very proud and optimistic. She believes that women’s participation in the police service will play a crucial role in maintaining gender inclusion, and contribute to an egalitarian and just society. 

Gurung began her service as an Assistant Inspector of Police in 2049 BS. She was promoted to the rank of Inspector of Police in 2067 BS and has been known to carry out her responsibilities efficiently.

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