Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Tuesday 23rd April 2024
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Collaboration between Nepali Patro and Toyanath Patro

KATHMANDU – Nepal’s first official collaboration between a Panchang and an App has been established through an agreement between ‘Nepali Patro’ and ‘Toyanath Panchang’.

Under this collaboration, Nepali Patro will become the official app of Toyanath Panchang’s digital version. This move will provide Toyanath Panchang with a platform to reach a wider audience through Nepali Patro’s extensive network of users.

Nepali Patro, with its comprehensive range of services including Tithis, Auspicious Days, Kundali, Daily Horoscope, and Daily Rates of Forex and Gold Silver, is popular among the global Nepali community. Toyanath Panchang, Nepal’s oldest and most trusted astrological calendar.

‘Nepali Patro’ is a community app widely used among the global Nepalese community, which has been developed by a group of Nepali people and has a 14-year history. On the other hand, Toyanath Patro is the most trusted source of Panchang and Calendar in Nepal, which has been continuously published for the past 135 years.

Toyanath Panchang is an annually updated printed book & calendar, which releases a new version during the last month of Bikram Sambat each year. Which is quite popular & a reliable version of Nepali Panchang for Nepali users to search for auspicious dates, weddings, bratabanda saits, festivals, and other accurate values of daily Vedic activities.

“I am delighted to have the privilege of connecting generations of Nepalese Vedic Sanatan dispersed around the world with Toyanath Panchang & Nepali Patro (since 2006 AD). Nepali Patro users will get more correct & verified daily panchang data on New Year 2080 BS Calendar. Since the past, one and a half-century, the Toyanath Panchang (Vedic calendar) has been spreading knowledge and information on the different aspects of Vedic Sanatan Panchang, to make the Nepali society aware of the importance of our cultural & spiritual wealth.” Santosh Kumar Devkota, Chief Executive Officer of Nepali Patro, said.

He further added, “It is a wonderful experience for the modern generation to connect with the accurate panchang of the older generation. The resources and studies available with them a century and a half ago also confirm how accurate our original Vedic Sanatan science was. Get the accurate result of Sun or Lunar eclipse prediction for this place, time and date or get accurate sunrise and sunset timings for every day. This collaboration will benefit our Calendar/Patro users with accurate and reliable information.”

Respected guru Suryanath Pant, Editor of Toyanath Panchang, explained that this collaboration has provided a platform for the exchange of new and old knowledge through calendars. “Our Vedic knowledge is unique. We are surviving because of the many contributions made by nature, living beings, insects, geography, the moon, the sun, and other planets.

We have our own fundamental principles that connect us to our ancient history. 135 years ago, one of these principles is embodied in the Toyanath Panchang, which was established by Guru Jyotish Pandit Toyanath Panta and connected to society as ‘Toyanath Panchang’. From that time until now, the Nepalese people have trusted and loved Toyanath Panchang. This continuous trust and affection are going to be available in the most popular Nepali app ‘Nepali Patro’ as a calendar and official digital version of Toyanath Panchang.”

The technical team of Nepali Patro is currently working to update Toyanath Panchang, including the calendar for the year 2080, and the updated version is scheduled to be released publicly within this Chaitra month.

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