Monday 24th June 2024
Monday 24th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalPolice make a woman public in connection to Gongabu murder case

Police make a woman public in connection to Gongabu murder case

The prime accused, Mudhbhari,admits to murdering Bohora after drugging him and then throwing away his dismembered body in a suitcase 

KATHMANDU- Nepal Police has made public Kalpana Mudhbhari Poudel, 37, as the perpetrator of the murder of Krishna Bahadur Bohora, whose dismembered body was found in a black suitcase in Gongabu on Sunday.

At a press meet in the capital, the Metropolitan Police Range in Teku revealed that Poudel was the perpetrator of the gruesome murdering of Bohora.

In her statement to the police during the investigation, Mudhbhari admitted to killing Bohora by crushing his testacles with the help of a hammer after drugging him, according to the police. She then chopped his body into several parts and put them in a suitcase and a bag, which were thrown away near her room, the police stated.

The police also stated that the accused, who is a housewife and has also appeared in some telefilms, confessed to murdering Bohora after he began blackmailing her by using her photos.

Earlier on Sunday, the police had retrieved the suitcase containing the torso of 40-year-old Bohora. Later, the head of the corpse was also recovered 300 meters away from where the suitcase was found.

The police arrested Mudhbhari on Monday from her maternal home in Shaktikhor in Chitwan, and brought her to Kathmandu after they suspected her involvement in the murder.

Mudhbhari and Bohora had met each other through Facebook four years ago.

Though Bohora, a native of Rolpa, was living in a hotel in Gongabu for last eight months, he visited Mudhbari’s rented room in Gongabu on the day of the murder, the police stated at the press meet. Her rented room is nearly 50 meters away from the site the police retrieved the suitcase containing Bohora’s dismembered body.

Mudhbhari also used to visit him in the hotel room frequently.

On the day of the murder, Mudhbhari drugged Bohora by offering some curd mixed with sleeping tablets [Traid 5 mg]. Once he fell unconscious, she crushed his testicles with the help of a hammer, strangled him with her shawl and chopped off his head and legs.

She then packed Bohora’s dismembered body separately into a suitcase and a bag, threw it away nearby with the support of her 15-year old daughter, and then fled to Chitwan in ambulance on the same day, the police stated.

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