Monday 20th May 2024
Monday 20th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalHospitals face action for fleecing people on PCR test

Hospitals face action for fleecing people on PCR test

CHITWAN – The District Administration Office here has initiated a case against two hospitals for charging more on PCR test than the amount fixed by the government. Those facing action are, College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, Bharatpur; and Star Hospital, Sanepa.

Chief District Officer Prem Lal Lamichhane informed that the Teaching Hospital was sought the deposit of Rs 1.8 million and Star Hospital Rs 500 thousand. The representatives of the hospitals were released on general bail after submitting the deposit.

Chief Executive Director at Teaching Hospital, Dr Suprabhat Shrestha, and Chairperson of Star Hospital, Kishor Kumar Maharjan, were released on general bail, it was informed.

The Teaching Hospital here used to send the PCR samples to the Star Hospital. The government has fixed Rs 2,000 for the PCR test, while they were charging more to the people. The hospitals were filed case on March 17.

The administration took action after the investigation on the complaints with proof. The Black Marketing and Some Social Crime and Punishment Act, 2032 was invoked to punish them.

During the documentation of their statement on the allegation, they admitted the fraud. The bail amount was decided after the hearing on whether they would be could to custody for further investigation.

Earlier, the administration here initiated action against BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital and Chitwan Medical College on similar allegation.

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