Thursday 13th June 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024
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NA lawmaker Shrestha calls for NRB Governor’s resignation

KATHMANDU – National Assembly member Narayan Kaji Shrestha has demanded that the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari should immediately resign.

Speaking in the ‘special hour’ of the Upper House session today, he said a name of the member of the CPN (UML)’s Economic and Planning Department is mentioned as M Adhikari and it is the NRB Governor’s shortened name. The name was mentioned as Maha Prasad Adhikari as one of the members of the Department in 2073 BS but it has been changed now as M Adhikari, mentioning him as economist and planning expert.

“Either documents proving that the name M Adhikari is not the NRB Governor should be made public, if not he should resign from the post of Governor,” Shrestha, also the senior leader of the CPN (Maoist Centre), said. He has drawn the attention of the UML and the concerned authorities in this connection. “The UML has not refuted this matter in a credible way and the question of whether or not it can do it is serious,” leader Shrestha reiterated.

“Is it proper for him to remain in the post when there is a clear provision in Clause 21 of NRB Act 2058 BS that the Governor, Deputy Governor or any Board member should not be associated in any political party?”

Lawmaker Shrestha also called for withdrawing the bill related to the Constitutional Council, stating that previous government’s works done according to the same provisions had been protested but the same bill is presented in parliament now. He stressed that there should not be double standards regarding the laws while in government and when not in government.

Leader Shrestha also suggested not taking foreign assistance for the election. Government’s attention drawn on systematizing foreign employment Meanwhile, the lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government to the need of making the foreign employment sector dignified and systematic. They also complained that there has been no change in the situation of Nepali youths to go abroad for employment and having to carry out risky works for lack of adequate employment opportunities at home.

Prakash Pantha said there were no equal facilities and provisions for the youths who have gone abroad for employment. He wondered why such situation existed.

He also underscored the need of making arrangements for the provision of equal facilities to them and to strictly check the practice of the foreign employment agents duping the foreign employment aspirant youths.

Bhairab Sundar Shrestha said life has been affected due to the floods and landslides triggered by incessant rainfall in various places of Jajarkot district in recent days.

He stressed the need of collaboration between the government, opposition and all the sides concerned for resolving the looming economic crisis in the country.

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