Monday 27th May 2024
Monday 27th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठInternationalMilitary power demonstrations prompt fears of China-India tension flare-up

Military power demonstrations prompt fears of China-India tension flare-up

Chinese military conducts live-fire drill in Himalayas along India-China border

KATHMANDU- Tensions between China and India are likely to further escalate in the days to come as indicated by recent show of forces and military drills near the borders of the two nuclear powers.

According to a People’s Daily report, the People Liberation Army conducted a live-fire drill along with the military exercise at an altitude of 4,600 meters in Tibet that separates China with its three other neighbors—India, Nepal and Bhutan.

However, the precise location where the military drills were carried out has not been made public. Target drones being shot down with surface-to-air missiles along with rear command posts, missile launchers and communication hubs of notional enemy getting knocked out with guided bombs can be seen in the footage released by the Peoples’ Daily.

The military exercise comes days after the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi went to Tibet. According to Chinese media, Wang said that the Chinese government will work with its people in Tibet to ensure regional stability, China’s national security and support Tibet’s opening –up and cooperation with the outside world.

His border trip and the demonstration of military power at the border come against the backdrop of a deadly China-border clash in the Galwan Valley in June. India has not made any official comment about the recent developments. Chinese media including an article by Global Times, however, played down the report saying that the military exercise if true is ‘likely part of normal training on long distance flight and environment adaptation.’

Though it was expected that tensions may deescalate after the two sides agree to retreat to previously occupied areas, the recent flexing of muscles by militaries of both countries have prompted fears of new flare-ups between two countries.

Earlier on June 15, at least 23 Indian soldiers were killed in a brutal hand-to-hand-brawl between the soldiers of two countries in the Galwan Valley. While India claims that there were casualties among the Chinese as well, China has neither confirmed nor denied any death of its soldier.

While there has not been any report of border altercation after the Galwan Valley incident, the tension between the two countries is yet to be eased.

India’s growing proximity with the US has instead irked China. Earlier last month, India also received the first five new Rafale fighter jets in the wake of growing hostilities between China and India. The first Rafales will be deployed at the Ambala air base, which is nearly 300 miles from the Indian territory of Ladakh where the June incident happened.

Some Indian retired military officers as well as political leaders have been even boasting that those fighter jets will boost Indian power. On the other hand, Global Times said that Rafale jets were no match for China’s J-20.

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