Thursday 20th June 2024
Thursday 20th June 2024
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PM directs Sudurpaschim University to explore for excellence

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister and Sudurpaschim (Far Western) University Chancellor Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has directed the University office-bearers to focus on internal reforms.

In his address to the 11th Senate of the University at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar today, the University Chancellor urged the people concerned to centre on internal reforms, even with limited sources.

There are cases that universities have the potential to set examples in terms of guaranteeing quality education, improving administration, and enhancing performance despite facing limitations, according to the Prime Minister. He urged the University to explore avenues for excellence.

Taking time to applaud the University for its role in the development of higher education in Nepal in a short span of its establishment, the head of the government stressed the need of promoting higher education system that is in line with current times, global needs, and global competition.

“It is indeed remarkable and commendable that the University has introduced semester system-based Bachelor and Master’s degree programmes, systematized their operations and also prioritized research works by offering M Phil and Ph D programmes,” he said.

He insisted that the University should strive to become a hub for better education and play a significant role in contributing to socio-economic transformation in the country.

Furthermore, he stressed that the University’s focus be on producing skilled resources by prioritizing science and technical disciplines, aligning its efforts towards addressing issues related to poverty and unemployment.

Noting he is aware that as it is still in its infancy the Far Western University is grappling with many problems related to resources as well as the shortage of human resources and physical infrastructure, the PM said serious efforts should be made to resolving the problems by identifying them.

As the Prime Minister said, the government is always serious for the progress and development of and support to this educational institution by holding discussions with the university’s officials, teachers and employees and the community since collaboration of all sides concerned is required for resolving the existing problems.

He stated that the government will move ahead the works that have to be undertaken from its side regarding adjustment of additional 11 campuses by fulfilling the required process for integrating with the University 15 campuses within the Sudurpaschim province as the constituent campus.

“The bitter reality of skilled and semi-skilled human resources going abroad in search of employment is before us. Now our education policy and universities should bring plans to putting to end this situation of going abroad for work. The main reason for the youth’s going abroad for employment is the low quality education and the poverty,” Prime Minister and Chancellor Dahal said, adding that the exodus of youths to foreign countries could be stopped if the quality of education could be uplifted and employment opportunities generated within the country.

He opined that there is the possibility of resolving, to some extent, the problem of university students dropping out and going abroad if the ‘earning while learning’ programme could be implemented in the universities.

“The University should pay attention to operating programmes matching the type of human resources that the country needs,” PM Dahal added. According to him, citizens who are dedicated and conscientious for the society and nation and who are capable of competing in the present 21st century world can be produced only if the education sector is modernized and made dignified by according it high priority.

He stressed on research-based higher education and such research should be centred on the overall development of the nation. Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Rai and the University office-bearers were present on the occasion.

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