Friday 17th May 2024
Friday 17th May 2024
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PM Dahal stresses on implementation of timely curriculum based on innovation

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has stressed on the need of developing and implementing timely curriculum based on innovation.

Addressing the 14th Senate Meeting of the Mid-West University, the PM called on the University to pay attention to restructuring the curriculum and the development of the physical and human resources.

“The guiding principles, policies and programmes adopted by the University for attaining educational excellence, economic growth, curriculum restructuring, international relations and exchanges, and infrastructure development are also praiseworthy,” he said, adding that adoption of the policy of conducting all the academic activities as per the pre-determined calendar is an aspect of reform.

The PM added that the government will extend support to the University in implementing its policy of reforming the existing examination system, and conducting the examinations and publishing the results as per the academic calendar.

On the occasion, he suggested the University accorded additional priority to all the academic programmes and curricula as per the changing world scenario, the national, regional and local development policies and approaches, and the demand of the labour market.

The Head of Government expressed the commitment for cooperation on behalf the government in formulation of the national policy and laws required for marketing, and sale and distribution of goods, services and information produced by the University’s various laboratories.

Stating on the need of formulating socialism-oriented educational policy, strategy and programme based on the principles of good governance and social justice as embodied by the republican state system stipulated in the Constitution, Prime Minister Dahal expressed the confidence that the University will play a positive role, encouraging the Nepali students to pursue higher studies within the country and supporting the country in attaining prosperity.

He further stressed on running academic and vocational programmes based on land, water, forest, herbs and human resources, taking into consideration the geographical, social and economic condition of the entire Nepal, particularly of Karnali province, in the agriculture and forestry sciences. The PM believed that various programmes and projects would be implemented synthesizing the modern and indigenous agricultural system and the knowledge skills.

He said the Mid-West University, which is established in Karnali province that is rich in terms of cultural diversity and natural resources but lags behind in terms of physical infrastructure development, industrialization and human development index, has made important contribution to the academic progress, physical development and the promotion of work system along with information technology in a short period of its establishment.

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