Tuesday 5th March 2024
Tuesday 5th March 2024
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Lawmakers urge government to initiate diplomatic efforts to secure COVID vaccines

KATHMANDU – National Assembly lawmakers have suggested the government to provide vaccine against COVID-19 to all citizens across the country and to take diplomatic initiation in order to forward vaccine procurement process.

During the special hour of the today’s National Assembly meeting, they demanded to put the vaccine against COVID-19 as the first priority at a time when cases of coronavirus infection is increasing, suggesting to mobilize the Nepali Missions in abroad and diplomatic officials to make arrangement of vaccine for Nepal.

On the occasion, Tara Devi Bhatta of the Nepali Congress stressed the unity among all political parties to safeguard the democracy by acknowledging each other’s existence. She also urged the government to make arrangement of compensation to landslide and flood victims of different places of the country as well as demanded justice to Nirmala Panta as soon as possible.

Similarly, Bimala Ghimire of the CPN (UML) expressed the view that all should focused their attention in resolving problems of the people and to control COVID-19 pandemic rather than blaming each other while Agam Prasad Bantawa Rai of the same party stressed the need of carrying out works in favour of landless.

Likewise, Tulasa Kumari Dahal of the UML suggested the government not to conduct examinations of colleges physically at a time when coronavirus infection is increasing.

CPN (Maoist Centre)’s Maya Prasad Sharma, stating that country witnesses changes due to joint efforts of the political parties and public, underscored unity among one and all to safeguard constitution and institutional development of republic.

Gopi Bahadur Sarki of the same party welcomed the decision of the government regarding procurement of the vaccines against COVID-19 and suggested to bring all the people under the vaccine coverage.

Parliamentarian Bimala Rai Poudel said that the constitution was in the preliminary phase for implementation and said that the verdict of the Supreme Court on restoration of the parliament would set a precedent in the future. She demanded an extensive discussion on the same.

CPN (UML)’s Gopal Bhattarai pressed for continuation of the development projects initiated by the erstwhile Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Deepa Gurung of the same party expressed her doubt over the incumbent coalition government whether it would be able to address the issues of the public.

Similarly, Nainkala Ojha of CPN (UML) asserted that the good initiatives spearheaded by erstwhile Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli be prioritized and continued.

Another parliamentarian from the same party Sumitra BC demanded action against the culprits of violence against women. She also underlined the need to distribute allowances for people for disability and senior citizens at their doorsteps given the difficulties facing them to avail the allowance.

Nepali Congress’s parliamentarian Drigha Narayan Pandey viewed that vaccination drive against COVID-19 should top the agenda of the incumbent government.

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