Thursday 13th June 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalSchools closed for dengue control in Dharan

Schools closed for dengue control in Dharan

KATHMANDU – All educational institutions operational in Dharan sub-metropolis of Sunsari have been closed for effective campaign against dengue outbreak.

The executive committee meeting held on Tuesday took the decision to engage collective efforts for prevention and control of the contagion.

Dharan sub-metropolis mayor Harka Raj Sampang informed that the decision was made to run dengue control campaign by pausing teaching and learning activities in the schools.

The sub-metropolis has called for the teachers and students of the schools to get engaged in the dengue control campaign during holidays. The meeting also urged the social organizations, Tole development organizations and local communities besides teachers and students to engage in the campaign in their wards.

Chief Administrative Officer of Dharan sub-metropolis, Matrika Bhattarai said schools were shut down to effectively run a campaign of search and destroy larva of mosquito (Aedes aegupti) against dengue.

Likewise, Dharan-15 chairperson Naresh Kumar Iwaram said the decision to widely mobilize general public was made with an understanding that dengue outbreak would not be contained until and unless larva and eggs of dengue-transmitting mosquitoes are destroyed.

Dengue virus has taken lives of eight people, including a girl child in Dharan since June first week onward. Lately, it has been difficult for dengue-infected patients to get beds in the health facilities, including private clinic and BP Koirala Institute for Health Sciences with the rise in the cases.

Chief of sub-metropolis health section, Umesh Mehata informed that 2,495 out of 4,218 examined had tested positive for dengue. The number is on the rise, he said.

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